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  • Powerful visualisations that answer
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  • Spend more time analysing instead of aggregating and cleansing data

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Improve Your Financial Management Reporting & Analysis

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BudgetFlex is a financial statement reporting and aggregation tool developed by MS Data Intelligence. It show cases Business Intelligence applications now available within Excel 2013.

BudgetFlex Overview





Create customised financial statements viewable at different aggregation points Spend more time analysing instead of aggregating data
Able to flex reports based on multiple submissions across Actuals, Prior Years, Budget, Forecasts and What If scenarios Identify trends and outliers using dynamic data visualisations, enabling more informed decisions
Use the power and flexibility of a cube to create customised reporting Centralised data source avoids version control errors
Calculate Full Year Forecast by combining Actuals and Forecast submissions Inexpensive software licensing costs (included from Excel 2010)
Capable of analysing millions of records in seconds Explore data remotely via a web-browser
 Integrate data from multiple data-sources Can be overlayed over existing data sources


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Bar Chart
Drill Downs

Click graph to query dashboard

Bubble Chart

Bubble chart animates over time

Customised Financial Reporting

Use of cube formulas and excel graphs to create customised reporting packs

Drill Downs

Dynamic maps that update based on user selections

Drill Downs

Use images to select and drill down into the data

Demo 1

Animate geospatial data over time

Demo 2

Take a geospatial tour of the data