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  • Powerful visualisations that answer
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Excel & Access Consulting

Excel is a powerful application but few organisations utilise it effectively.


Many solutions begin as a simple model. The analyst has limited understanding of excel but provides a solution under stressful circumstances ie a tight project deadline as well as continuing with normal work

Over time, the spreadsheet grows in size and complexity. It has become a key tool for decision making. With every small modification the risk of error increases.

  • there is now a tangled web of formulas and links.
  • no one else knows how to use the model.
  • there is no documentation.
  • there is a danger that the analyst may leave.

MS Data Intelligence is experienced at minimising the above risks through their:

Collaborative Process

  • Scoping to confirm project requirements
  • Model designed to be handed over and maintained by the business. There is a clear separation between the end user and developer of the spreadsheet.
  • Independent testing of the model by the business
  • Support provided via training and documentation

Proven Techniques to reduce complexity

At MS Data Intelligence we employ the following proven techniques to reduce complexity:

  • having separate sections for reporting, calculations and source data
  • Formula simplification through
    • Using the power of dynamic formulas to reduce the model’s footprint
    • Using range names
    • understanding the power of worksheet functions and knowing obscure tips and tricks
  • Use of naming conventions to help with navigating the spreadsheet
  • Automate time consuming, repetitive tasks using Visual Basic (VBA).  This reduces the potential for manual errors.
  • A database at the back-end to store and query data and Excel as the reporting tool.

Customised Solutions

We have the knowledge and ability to utilise Excel and Access to their full potential and are experts in:

  • Creating dashboards that mash together data from multiple sources
  • Creating visualisations that provide business insights
  • Dynamic reporting that allows users to view data at different aggregation points
  • Cleansing data-sets to interface with other applications
  • Distributing via the cloud