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  • Cost effective Business  Intelligence solutions using cutting edge technology from Microsoft
  • Customised financial reporting packs and dashboards

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  • Powerful visualisations that answer
    ad-hoc questions
  • Spend more time analysing instead of aggregating and cleansing data

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  • Maximise your existing IT investment as it connects to all popular data-sources
  • Integrate data from multiple sources

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Embedded Within Excel

PowerPivot has its own menu on the ribbon.

Analyse Relational Data

PowerPivot has a relational model that provides the infrastructure for the creation of dashboards that provides insights across multiple data sources. Say goodbye to vlookup formulas.

Data Storage

PowerPivot can connect to all popular data-sources eg Access, SQL Server, csv files, and spreadsheets. A copy of the data is stored within the excel workbook.

Powerpivot uses an amazing compression functionality.We achieved a compression rate of 95% when connecting to an Access database. An excel file with millions of records can now be published to the cloud or emailed.

Cube Creation and Reporting

PowerPivot automatically creates a cube. This is usually a complex task requiring the IT department or a Business Intelligence expert.

Having a cube simplifies customised reporting. Excel cube formulas can slice and dice the cube to aggregate data at different points of a hierarchy. Multiple different queries can now be integrated seamlessly into a report with cell specific formatting.

DAX (Data Analysis Expressions)

DAX is an extremely powerful formula language used by PowerPivot. It enables formula logic previously impossible within pivot tables. For example, the ability to create time related measures (YTD and growth rates) or ratio analysis which requires aggregation of different data-sets provides toolsets to solve complex problems.